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We are a Software Engineering division of the Empire Partner Foundation. Our objective is to Design and Develop innovative software . We are building and developing leading tech talent whilst delivering innovative software to our clients.

Training & development environment for tech students.
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Our Skills

Our Campus is equipped with these Skills

Our campus is equipped with these skills and tools to provide the best possible service to our clients.

  • HTML5
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  • CSS3
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  • JavaScript
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  • Bootstrap
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  • Python
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  • Django
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  • jQuery
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  • TypeScript
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  • MySQL
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  • phpMyAdmin
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  • AWS
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  • Git
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  • Bitbucket
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  • Ajax
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  • VS Code
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  • Anaconda
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  • Npm
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  • Command Line
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  • Slack
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  • Photoshop
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  • Adobe Illustrator
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Our Projects

  • Township Distribution Model

  • Progress Reporting Tool

  • Incubation Hub



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